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Brand : Avery

Hsn Code : 7326

Model No. : PTSWM600MM

Color : Red and White letters

Dimension : 600 MM

Weight : 600 grams

Material : ACP 4 MM thick

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UOM : Number

Reflection : HIP Type 4 Avery Make

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Product Details:

Stop sign board  Hip IRC 600MM

A stop sign is a traffic sign designed to notify drivers that they must come to a complete stop and make sure the intersection is safely clear of vehicles and pedestrians before continuing past the sign.[1] In many countries, the sign is a red octagon with the word STOP, in either English or the national language of that particular country, displayed in white or yellow. The Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals also allows an alternative version: a red circle with a red inverted triangle with either a white or yellow background, and a black or dark blue STOP. Some counties may also use other types, such as Japan's inverted red triangle stop sign. Particular regulations regarding appearance, installation, and compliance with the signs vary by some jurisdiction.